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Shed as it stands

Thanks to all of you that turned up at short notice on Saturday to help out with the Bunnings BBQ.

So Dean has balanced all the books and


What a fantastic outcome, that was even better than our last BBQ result. Maybe we could make a trend here and try to better this figure on our next attempt! (now I'm just getting greaey).

There is another smaller BBQ to be held in the park between the Church and Child care centre on Saturday the 30th. So if your free between about 1:30 and 5pm please come along and give Dean a hand. He is looking to run two shifts during during the afternoon, so you don't have to be there all day.

Other news:

The outside shed for the vacuum system has been constructed and there are holes appearing in the walls for the ducting to be installed. In fact there is one bench totally full up with ducting that needs  installing.

We are now in possession of two large scale dust filtering units that we can install, these just need mounting and plugging into a power point. They will cut down on the fine dust that is getting in to the air conditioners filters. Great to use when the wood lathe or the sanders are in use.

There are a number of members in need of a project at the shed and current building works can't keep everyone employed, so if you have a project or know someone who has something we can take on in the Shed please lets get connected.

The wood lathe has been getting a good work out over the last few weeks. If your interested there are several members there that would be happy to help you start your own lathe project. Speaking of lathes, its nice to see the metal work lathe starting to be used.

We have several applications for grants in with different organisations at present. These have been requested for:

Metal guillotine and folding machines

New Computer and software for the CNC machine

The grant for the driveway was successful and you should see work starting soon at the front of the Shed.



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