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OK, better late than never (well in this case)


The Shed Committee had a meeting last week and the minutes will be published on the website once compiled. But for now the basic out comes were:


Geoff has put his hand up to be the Safety officer for the Shed. This doesn’t mean he is responsible for enforcing the safety of people in the Shed. THAT IS YOUR JOB! Anyway he will be putting some stuff out and about in the near future.


We still need a BBQ manager, this doesn’t mean you need to attend all the BBQ’s, just organise them. Unfortunately this can’t be a position held by someone who is currently working a 9-5 (or there about) job as the most of the events will be a Thursday or Friday. Please talk to Mark or send him an email, if you think you can help, or even if you can maybe do it part time (for the odd BBQ).

The Train:

Good news on the train front, the Belconnen Community Services have approved funding for the paint and stuff we need to get the train back on the tracks…… So please lend a hand when your there, there is still some minor sanding to be done, then we will need the painters amongst you to step forward.

The Tools:

After looking at the tool donations and what has been sorted, it was decided that a tool sale as previously planned my not be really worth the effort. So we are instead offering the excess tools (Lots of flat tip screw drivers for example) to members for a donation. The grab and snatch operation is on a first come first served basis. There are still some items there worth grabbing but they won’t last long. Donations should be put in the coffee and tea money Ammo Tin located in the kitchen. Everything up for grabs is up along the back wall near the toilet door.


The need for a large central work bench was discussed extensively and the costings worked out to build a new wooden bench for the centre of the Shed and then put on hold pending some funding. The intent was to ask everyone getting the newsletter to donate a few dollars to help build a good solid work bench, and we are still very open to that idea.


(this photo was taken 10 minutes after moving the work benches around in the Shed).

However since that meeting our intrepid Garage Sale hound (Bob) found a very solid work bench at a sale and a few of us went and grabbed it. Yes it needs some work but it will save us some money. We also moved a couple of benches around and immediately found people working at them as soon as they were in place. I had a word with the people running the sale and asked if they still had things left at the end we would be willing to come grab them (this was a clearance sale prior to selling up). I had a call today to come along on Wednesday and grab the left overs. So don’t let a chance go by and talk about the shed, you never know how generous people will be.


Basically we don’t have any. Dean presented the state of the finances and we have less than $200 in the kitty. The large sums we used to have, have been spent:

$,4000 on the air conditioners (this money was donated for the air conditioners and could be used for other things.

$5,000  loan repayment to the Church. For those that don’t know the Baptist Church lent the Shed $10,000 interest free over 2 years. So we still need to find money for next years payment.

Dust Extraction:

Geoff has produced a document (click here to download it from the website) outlineing options. Again we don’t have the money and it was decided to do what we could with the portable units we have until we can raise the money. It was suggested that we need to target our fund raising and that the money raised from Bunnings BBQ’s should be directed to the purchase of the Dust Extraction System.

The Website:

Paul has put some effort into updates on the website and has started looking at making it a little more static in places now that the Shed is Open. He will still be posting new photos and I have found a way to get the Newsletters uploaded as a PDF document, so you if you want to see any old ones or point someone to the Newsletters then the website will be the place. I will be uploading new Newsletters a day or so after they have been emailed out.

Junk in the Shed:

Things like the games table were discussed and we are hoping to find it and the table tennis table a new home. Things that don’t fit with the Shed or are taking up working space may have to be dumped if we can’t find it a new home.

Work Priorities:

Gordon as the Shed Manager has stated his priorities for things to be done in the Shed are:

The Train and Cubby house, get them done and out of the way so we have room to layout the Shed.

Benches, whether it be building moving or renovating, we need places to work.

Talking of work benches if you put something on top of one or use one, make sure you clean up when you’re done. They should be left empty at closing, or we end up with a dumping ground and nowhere to work. Remember others may want to use them while you’re not there and they shouldn’t have to clean up your stuff.


First Aid:

Dean has arranged for a demonstration of the defribulators and first aid advice for the Shed. This was originally scheduled for last Wednesday, but didn't occur. It has been rescheduled date will be posted here once confirmed.

The metal lathe, is being worked on too, we have had a couple of people working on this over the last week or so and I believe they have a plan to move forward and make the machine fully operational again. If you have experience with maintaining metal lathes your input could only help. Other than that watch out you may see it up and working soon. 

Other News:

ManSpace TV recently commenced as a 10-week series on the Go! free-to-air channel on a Monday evening at 7.30pm. See here for more details.

Ian has a suggestion for a new extension to the Shed. Please don't make me the first one to have to test it.....

 OK think I've got it all for now, if not I'll put in the next newsletter that won't be quite so long in coming this time.

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