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Shed as it stands

AGM is scheduled for the morning of Saturday 30th Aug, round the table in the Shed (just after Smoko).

There are several points to be raised during the meeting, including the appt of the committiee, changes to membership detials, formalising the Mission Statement. Mark will try and get a full agenda out soon.

If there is something you want brought up at the meeting please let Mark know before hand.

The proposed Mission Statement:

Our mission is to enjoy each others company and wisdom, and promote positive lifestyles, while sharing our skills for the benefit of the individual and the community.

We now have a full Certficate of occupancy, the Shed is Legal.

The phone rang in the Shed on Wednesday, and we all looked at it trying to figure out why. We eventually answered it and found it was for Gordon. Hey but we now know it works.


Gordon is still looking for donations of old screw drivers. No particular type, he wants to build more sculptures with them.I have started a box for the collection near the front door, it would be great if I needed to get a bigger one. His intention is to make another eagle as a project in the shed teaching people to weld while building it.

Speaking of which he is willing to auction off the Eagle he made for the shed. Offers starting at $2,500.00.

Still looking for someone to take on management of Bunnings BBQ's the prime season is approaching and it would be nice to get in there.

Dean still has some Belconnen Men's Shed shirts for sale. These are a limited release. Only $30 each or two for $65.

Phillip who only comes on Wednesdays has some Hi-Fi equipment and speakers that need a new home. So if your intersted please get in touch.


The Train.

Yes we are still working on it, but at this stage it's being reassembled, and we have the Canberra Times coming to take photos Thursday the 14th around 11am. So if you have the time come and help show how many people come to shed. We hope to to schedule the trains departure from the Shed this Saturday(16th). So if you have a working back and can help lift and put it back in place please come along on Saturday.

Once the train is out of the Shed we need to sort out where the tools on the shelves belong and orgainsie ourselfs. At present we have the tools sorted but not nothing has a permenat home. Which means you spend lots of time looking for what you need.

Then we clean and mop the Deck (threw that in for Gordon), and we should all ship shape.


Opening Hours:

Paul is getting ready to start opening again on Thursday Mornings. His intention is for this to be a quiet time. ie small projects without a lot of noise, scollsawing, hand tools that sort of thing. If your interested he is looking for numbers.

We are looking for options to open the Shed at other times too, if you have ideas or want to run something, bring it up a smoko. If your shy then Mark or Gordon will be happy to listen on the side.

The CNC Machine:

The water pump to cool the head has been ordered and we are almost ready to start demoing it (thanks to Frank who only attends Wednesdays). We have sold the vacum system that came with the machine and that will help fund the purchase of some new router tips that are needed for different style work.


Don't get behind in what is happening at the Shed.

I've missed a few openings here and there over the last month or so and hardly recongise the people or the place. Membership is growing. We are now using the back up chairs for smoko on Wednesdays. So if you have some spare chairs (especially fold up ones) your willing to part with I know a place that could use them.


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