Day Shed Funnies

The idea of this page is to get men to contribute short stories about something that has happened in their lives which may have been a bit of a disaster when it happened, but looking back on it later it became a bit funny. Submissions should be sent to the webmaster address at the bottom of this page.

If you are not computer literate, write your story down and submit it to any committee member for the attention of the webmaster.

Contributors are to decide whether or not they wish to put their name to it.

Keys down drainpipe – Not long after we bought our house, we were leaving for work. We came down the back steps and for some reason I put my keys on the window sill. There is a slope on the window sill, and the keys fell off the sill and straight down an open drain pipe. I looked for some tools to try and fish out the keys. We didn’t have anything suitable, and after a while we headed off to work with the spare set of keys. During the day I worked out that the key to my car was magnetic, so on the way home we bought a magnet, tied a piece of string to it and successfully pulled the keys out of the drain. A cover was put over the top of the drain. (by David Gorell)

This page was last updated on 2 Dec 2021