Come And Join Us

If you are thinking of joining our shed, please read this page.

We engage mostly in wood and metalworking projects, as well as some other specialised areas. Have a look through our website.

We currently have around 75 to 80 members on our books. We have had an influx of new members over the past few months.

Membership is compulsory and is $50 per year due by 30 June each year. Members have to be accredited on the machinery they use, which is provided by one or two committee members..

New members are encouraged to get involved with the community projects we undertake, especially just after joining. All members can work on their own projects, as long as they have been recorded in the appropriate manner.

Most of our members are retired, but that is not necessary.

We can get anything from 5 to 25 members turn up on any day.

It is not all about the work we do. Some men just come for the company, a cuppa and a chat.

Some men come along with a disability, but they have to have a minder.

Our oldest member is 95.

To join, just turn up at the shed when we are open.

Opening Hours:

Tuesday 9:00 to approx 12:00 (ish),
Wednesday 09.00 to approx 12:00 (ish),
Thursdays 9:30 to approx 12:00 (ish),
Saturday 09.00 to 12:00.(ish)

Every Bloke Is A Champion.

In short, belonging to our Shed gives its members the feeling of belonging and gives them something worth getting out of bed for.

If you do not see your answer here, E-mail at: or

Below are some recent photos of our great shed, showing many of our updates and modifications.

The front of the shed
No Cars – we are closed!!!
From the Lofty Heights
Our big table – a great place to meet and talk
Members using the bandsaw
A Trio of Shedders (Likely Lads)
Table Saw and Extractor Fan Cupboard (Saving of 12 dB)
Front work area
Side Work Area and Welding Bay
Our comfortable kitchen
A display of old tools
Some of our members
Rough Plan of the BCMS
Aerial View
Putting some excess screwdrivers to a different use (x2)
Our In Memory Board

Just Remember

This page was last updated on 11 Jul 2021