History – The Building Of The Shed

Preparing the site, early 2013

The Shed has been built in the backyard of the Church Community Center. The RED TAPE was a long and involved process. Submissions for the removal of a tree, driveway/parking and relocation of street lights took two years of submissions and $11,000 in fees and charges.

Laying of the Slab, 7 March 2013

The area had to be fully prepared and leveled before any of the Steel mesh could be anchored, this took some time but thanks to our expert contractors we had no problems.

The day for the pour eventually arrived and the weather cooperated,the trucks were on time and everything went smoothly (Murphy must have been on holidays), A BBQ lunch was laid on to to thank all for their efforts.

Erecting the Shed, commenced 22 April 2013

The Shed was erected by professionals and during the construction  there were several days of high winds and rain, which stopped work. However the construction team persevered, and eventually the frame went up, followed by the walls, and finally the roof.

Lining the Shed, commenced 29 June 2013

As Canberra experience some extremes temperature (-6 to 40 degrees Celsius), it was critical to insulate the Shed. Thus we insulated not only the ceiling but the walls as well. There was a bit of a learning curve for the members here, but we got through it.

Once the MDF lining was in place on the walls it came time to paint. Not everyone’s favorite job but we persevered with the 3 colours we had been donated (blue, green and a light brown).

Outside the Shed

Pavers had to be cut to size and laid around the Shed, and the pattern was strictly adhered too. No odd patterns for us!

Services were connected, the side fence was erected, a shade sail suspended over the court yard. Then there was this never ending pile of mulch to spread around the garden areas.

Shed Fit out

The dividing wall at the rear of the Shed was built to separate the kitchen and toilet from the rest of the Shed. It also served as the support for our Mezzanine floor. Which we finally decided to call the loft as no one could spell mezzanine!

During this time fans and lights were fitted and the new fuse-box installed. The internet and phone were connected and the kitchen was assembled. No one is sure why but the toilet didn’t seem to be high on the priority list.

Equipment and tools

We were fortunate in receiving many donations of tools and equipment, including a large CNC router, a metal lathe, and a woodworking lathe.

There were generous donations of small tools  which kept many of the members busy sorting and storing them. We also started our first project which was to restore a playground train and cubby house for the Belconnen Community Services Child Care facility. This project was commonly known as “The Train”

The Official Opening

The Shed was opened on 27 March 2014 by Alan Tongue, the former Captain of the Raiders.  Also present was Mary Porter AM MLA, a lot of our sponsors and people from the local community. Despite some rain everything went very well and a good time was had by all.

First Life Membership Awarded to Gordon Cooper

Not only did we formally open the Shed on the 27 March 2014, we also presented our first “Life Membership” to Gordon Cooper.

Gordon Cooper - Life Member