The Shed is open at the following times:
Tuesday 9:00 to approx 12:00 (ish),
Wednesday 09.00 to approx 12:00 (ish),
Thursdays 9:30 to approx 12:00 (ish),
Saturday 09.00 to 12:00.(ish)
(Morning tea is at 10.00.)

I know 12:00 (ish) isn’t the best way to say it, but we close about Midday sometimes a bit later, depending on what’s happening.

Every 3rd Thursday of the month (except December)
Shed Night. 6:30pm till approx 8:30pm

Other irregular times will be notified by newsletter.

We are looking for reasons to open the Shed on other days or times, all we need is the interest and someone to open up!