ShedNight Funnies

The idea of this page is to get men to contribute short stories about something that has happened in their lives which may have been a bit of a disaster when it happened, but looking back on it later it became a bit funny. Submissions should be sent to the webmaster address at the bottom of this page.

Contributors are to decide whether or not they wish to put their name to it.

Waterbed used as a pin cushion – When our younger daughter was fairly young, my wife put her to bed in our bed for her afternoon sleep. We had a waterbed. The night before, my wife had been doing some sewing in bed, and left some pins on her bedside table. Our daughter used our waterbed as a pin cushion, creating 36 pinholes. That evening, I had to fill each pinhole with a small amount of glue. (By David Gorell)

Slippery shower – While visiting my grandparents I was taking a shower.  It was tiled with wall tiles on the floor and didn’t have a non-slip bathmat.  Yet, I slipped while washing one of my feet and on the way down my elbow snapped off the porcelain soap holder. The resulting sharp edge cut pretty deep across above the elbow. The good part is that there was a clinic right next door which put stitches in pretty quickly. And it didn’t damage any nerves.  But I’ve still got a visible scar from it and am more careful in the shower. (Anonymous)

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