The Concreting

It was discovered that much of the external work areas out the front and to the western side of the shed which was pavers was not level causing heavy tools on wheels to move in the lower direction. So it was decided to level the areas with concrete with the help of some grant money. Notice the slope in the first photo.

The area on the eastern side of the shed behind the front storage area is to be paved using the pavers removed from the front.

First task was to remove some pavers in the western work area, replace a hose with copper pipe, add some formwork, fill the area to make it level, lay some rio and add the concrete. A fantastic effort was made on Day 1 with around 25 shed members in attendance.

The Fill Arrives


The Rio

The Concreting – Part 1

The finished product

Thanks to John C and Gordon C who provided many of the photos.

This page was last updated on 7 Apr 2022