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BBQ 10am, Charter & Rules Update 10:30AM, Wednesday July 24th

BBQ morning tea at 10AM

10:30 Special meeting to consider approval of changes to Charter and rules.

The Shed Charter and Rules have been simplified and adapted to both match how the shed currently works and add some improvements.

The main improvements are to simplify content and wording, to recognise the role of Duty Managers, which highlights the vital importance of this existing role, changes to ensure committee members focussed more on oversight & co-ordination and improving documents consistency and terminology.

These documents have been through an extensive review process, beginning with Gordon & Spencer meeting to create a first draft and then Committee members invited to comment via email. Drafts have been advertised at morning teas and several members have provided valuable feedback. Then four committee members and one member further refined the documents, including integration with the sheds induction and accreditation processes and the committee given one more chance to comment via email.

The draft Charter, Shed Rules and Rules acknowledgement documents are attached to this newsletter and printed copies will be available at the shed. Members are encouraged to read and comment on both documents. Both are important, but the much shorter shed rules is especially important to how we are all expected to behave in the shed.

Members need to be aware that if passed, ALL members will be required to read and sign "BCMS Rules acknowledgement", as both part of our updated accreditation process and these proposed changes to the Shed Rules.

The New Charter which includes the Shed Rules also need to be approved by our Auspicing body, the Belconnen Baptist Church, before coming into effect.

Charter draft

Rules acknowledgement draft

Rules draft


AGM 2019 Wednesday July 24th 10:45

AGM Agenda
    Select a chair for AGM
    Annual Reports
        Shed Manager
        Safety Officer
        Property Officer
        Membership Officer
        IT Officer
        News Officer
        Currently Vacant Vice President, Secretary, General committee

All positions declared vacant.

Notes re Duty Managers
  - non-committee role
  - need 1+1 or more understudies for EVERY opening, ie 4 primary open sessions, plus electronics & social afternoons.
  - Shed manager appoints Duty Managers, but would like nominations of those interested, as well as highlighting the vital importance of this existing role, which is now recognised in Shed Charter (if updates approved!).


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