Belconnen Community Men's Shed
Shed Being FramedShed as is 

Got several items for you this week so here goes.


1.  There is some 12mm MDF out the front of the shed, its up for grabs if you want it grab it quick, it will either disappear or it will end up in Gordons trailer heading for the dump. This is the left overs we used for linning the walls. Gordon's mysterious friends have supplied us with some  new sheets to complete the bathroom/kitchen walls.  Thank you Gordon and your friends!  


2. Please check out the links on our website ! We are trying to build this up as a bit of a reference place, unfortunatley Paul and I have a limited interest so we don't know where to link to for things like wood turning, or anything metal.  So please feel free to send your suggestion/recommendations in, don't limit yourself to these two categories they were just examples.  We don't you to go out and find lots of links we are interested in the ones you use or value.

Please send your links with a short description (if you can) to Paul will gather them and we can start posting them for all to see.

Remember we want to share our information!


3. Flashing round the ceiling and welding bay floors is all finished, and this week we start on the toilet/kitchen walls (there was a delay in getting the wall linning so we changed battle orders for last week.


4. Do you know anyone who might want to buy the plaster board lifter we used to get the corrugated ceiling lifted ? If so Gordon would like to find it a home. We have no futher use for it.


5. Working Bee's: Yes the continue both Saturdays and Wednesdays 9am to around lunch time. Come if you can, work if you can, cheer if can't!

6. Sorry no new photo updates this week nothing that great to show you all, but Paul as usual will have updated photos on the website. Check out the Photos page.

7. Official Opening for the Shed. The question comes up regularly, current plans are for late Nov, or at worst early Dec. Some of this is dependant getting things like the driveway, or power to the shed, and picking a time we can get a speaker to formally cut the ribbon. Got a suggestion on what tool they should use? I was thinking we could use Gordon's battery operated circular saw to cut a wooden pole across the door. But that's just me. Sure Mark is open to idea's. 

8. Mark has been asked if we can provide futher BBQ assistance details below. Please let Mark know if you can help

This event will be helping raise funds for the Our Men's Shed

Hi Mark,
As discussed, the Canberra and Region Multiple Births Association (CARMBA) is seeking your Men's Shed assistance for two of our upcoming functions in the next few months, namely to set up and run our sausage sizzles.  CARMBA is also a non-profit organisation that provides support and assistance to parents of multiple birth children (twins, triplets and more) in a large geographical area that covers not just the ACT, but as far north as Yass and Goulburn, and as far south as Cooma and the South coast of NSW.  We would love to get your wonderful organisation involved to help us serve our members, and also get your name out there in the local community.  CARMBA is very active on Facebook and the internet, and we also have an electronic newsletter where we could also promote your organisation.
Details of our events requesting your services are:
Saturday 23 November 2013 - Christmas Party - National Zoo and Aquarium
Approx 150 pers (perhaps more, final numbers TBC) - sausage sizzle, 11.00–2.00pm, at the BBQ facilities at the zoo.  Carmba has a BBQ box of gear (utensils, etc) for you to use.  The sausage sizzle is free to CARMBA members, so CARMBA will provide you with a donation cheque to your organisation for your efforts.
Saturday 15th March 2014 - CARMBA Family Fun Day - Holt Community Hub, Beaurepaire Street Holt
The Fun Day is the biggest event for CARMBA.  Approx 400 pers (380 attended 2013 Fun Day) - provision of sausage sizzle (including the provision of a BBQ and a gas bottle, as there are no BBQ facilities in situ at the venue - however CARMBA could look into sourcing one for the day) - trestle tables and a kitchen and fridge are also located at the venue, and CARMBA has a BBQ box of utensils etc.
TAMS approval is required for this event, and CARMBA completes a full risk assessment for the event.  The event is  2pm - 5pm, however set up is required at 1pm (we want the sausages cooking when patrons arrive!).  The sausage sizzle is free to our members and CARMBA will provide you with a donation cheque to your organisation (amount to be negotiated).

At this early stage, are you able to provide us with a cost for you providing your services, including the provision of all the meat, bread, onions, sauce and serviettes (as a starting point) for both of these events??  CARMBA is more than happy to negotiate details closer to the date.


If your having trouble reading this email click this link #  to open the newsletter in our browser