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Hello everyone

Our Shed Committee wishes everyone well.   Please contact any of our committee should you need assistance, advice or simply someone just to talk to. 

Unfortunately our Shed is still in closedown mode for general attendance. 

The committee has been meeting over this last week with a view to what we could do at the shed now that the restrictions are being eased with a view to progress some work, get members together and prepare the shed for reopening in the future.

The committee has determined that we can commence some project or activity-based gatherings of no more that 10 persons total for all activities at our Shed in line with current ACT Covid - 19restrictions.

It has been decided that team leaders will be appointed for each activity or project and that attendance to the shed will be strictly by invitation of the team leaders. Additionally, only those activities identified below will be allowed to proceed. Members will not be allowed to progress their own work. Those wanting to start other activities or projects can contact the committee with a proposal via the  e-mail address

These projects and activities are school boxes, possum boxes, shed clean-up / clean-out and front workbench.  We also have information on, and seek member participation with the seniors grant.

  These projects and activities utilise the relaxed participation limits and so we are seeking a few members to help with these over the coming weeks both from Shed and possible from home.  Participation / volunteering will be greatly appreciated, but we need to exercise a few controls to keep our members safe from Covid -19.  The controls being introduced are:

  1. The shed is not being opened in the normal way and only team members will be allowed to attend. You must have been accepted onto a team to attend and team leaders may invite some members to join on specific tasks.
  2. To attend you will be signing a sign in sheet and by signing that sheet you are affirming that you know of no reason why you should not attend, that you are not experiencing symptoms of covid-19 and do not know of any exposure you have had to anybody else who is currently in isolation or is known to have covid-19.
  3. Committee strongly encourage members to have had their flu shot and registered with the Covid App before attending
  4. All members attending will be required to maintain a high level of personal hygiene in particular hand washing on arrival and before morning tea. If members with carers are accepted onto teams their carers’ are to both meet our hygiene expectations and ensure that their clients meet those expectations
  5. The now normal rules of social distancing will be expected of all members and we ask that extreme care be taken with any cough’s or sneezes and so on. Please consider other members and ensure that extraction fans are operating to reduce the potential for sneezing.
  6. Whilst present at Shed, only the nominated projects and activities can be worked on – no private activities are permitted
  7. For morning tea all members will bring their own cups if they want coffee or tea and are to provide their own snacks, biscuits etc.  Sharing of food is not permitted at this time. The team leaders will organise a fresh 1 litre bottle of milk which will be used at the shed on that day only. Any other drinks will be provided by those who want them.
  8. Normal shed rules will apply with regard to safety and the use of tools, daily clean up etc.
  9. Participation will be on a basis of “first in best dressed”
  10. Maximum of 10 people at Shed at any one time.  If a member departs part way through a session another may join in if pre agreed.

The projects and activities are:


School boxes

We undertook to assist a school with the manufacture of some boxes.  This project commenced immediately before our shut down and there are a number of pieces now pre-cut but many more needed and for the boxes to be assembled.  Our intent is to complete this project.  John is taking the lead on this and we are looking for some members to assist him." as the number is now up to 10 per session.  We are looking for the remaining pieces to be cut and routered at Shed and then assembled either at Shed or at home. 

The activity involves:

  • Cutting sheets of ply to size
  • Cutting hand grip holes with the router
  • Assembling the boxes

If you would like and are able to be part of this School Box Tiny Team which will nominally meet on Thursday 9 to 12, please let John know. Drop us an email at  


 Possum boxes

With the start of the cold weather possums are finding their way into all sort of places that they best avoid and so we are receiving ongoing requests for more boxes.  In the same way as we are proposing to manufacture the school boxes, a  tiny team is being proposed to continue this task PBTT (Possum Box Tiny Team).  The form of assembly will be the same with pieces being cut at Shed and then either assembled at Shed or at home.  The Shed activities will need to be a different time to when the SBTT are present at Shed.


The activities will be similar to the school boxes in cutting sheers to size and assembling the pieces into five star possum accommodation.


Gaz is taking the lead on this team which will nominally meet on Tuesday 9 to 12.  Please let Gaz know through an email to  


 Shed Re-organisation and Clean Up

The BMS has decided to use the shed shutdown (due to Covit-19 restrictions) as an opportunity to progress our shed tidy-up and the relocation of some items of equipment such as the scroll saw and radial arm saw.  This will involve a lot of cleaning and sorting out of cupboards and storage shelving.  In addition, we will be looking at options to improve utilisation of the space and storage we currently have. This will be our SCUTT (Shed Clean Up Tiny team). - The meeting on the  Wednesday 13 May will primarily focus on planning for the relocation of items of equipment and developing a schedule for the tidy-up.  If you have any suggestions please attend the meeting or email your suggestions to


Activity will include sorting through excess tools and hardware on the shelves and relocating the scroll saw.


If you are interested in joining me in the “Great Shed Tidy-up” will nominally meet on Wednesday 9 to 12 please contact Ian


Front bench

The radial arm saw is to be relocated to a secure container on the front bench and doors constructed and attached to the underside of the bench.

The activities will generally include, metalwork cutting and joining metal sheeting, welding door frames and assembling locking mechanisms

The team will be led by Tom and will happen on Saturday mornings 9:00 – 12:00.  Please contact Tom on

Shed Electronics  group

The electronics group is able to recommence and will be run by Mal on Thursday afternoons starting from 1300


Shed Social group

The Social/discussion group led by Adrian will recommence and will nominally meet on Tuesday afternoon starting from 1300.  Please register with Adrian if you would like to attend



The above groups and times are just nominally what has been decided as a starting position, these will be adjusted as needed, for instance Sat morning might also be used for school boxes as well as the bench because it seems unlikely that we will have 10 members wanting to work on that project. Additionally, other times might be utilised if additional work needs to be done on any project.


Seniors grant

As many of you would know, the BMS has received a grant to run a program to provide information to ACT seniors.  I would like to thank those who completed the “Seniors Survey”.   The first information session was held 2nd March, with the intention of scheduling more information sessions during the April to September period.  Unfortunately, along came Covit-19 and the program went out the window.  BMS has contacted the funding body and we have been given approval to use part of the grant to set up a website and purchase some research materials.


 If you have any spare time and you would like to get involved, here are some things you might be prepared to do: 1) Purchase (or borrow from the library) books suitable for research of topics that are of interest to seniors; 2) Summarise books or website topics and information; 3) Identify suitable website links; 4) Explore options for future information sessions or workshops.


 This could be an opportunity for you research something you would like to understand better.  The survey identified 43 different topic areas.  Following is a summary of those topic groups –

• Considerations related to legal matters, wills and obtaining legal support;

Managing the challenges of deteriorating health, mobility and financial independence;

• Accommodation opportunities and difficulties;

• Relationship challenges and considerations;

• Dealing with loss, grief and changing circumstances;

• Living on a limited budget;

• Matters related to medicinal treatment, medication and medical insurance;

• Identifying and reporting elder abuse, price gouging or poor service delivery.

 We would appreciate any help you are able to provide.  For more information, please contact Ian on 0400 023 422.


 Shaun’s big trip

Many of you will know that Shaun has been planning a big circle with his motorhome.  Shaun is all set to now depart once caravan parks reopen (scheduled for the June long weekend at the moment) and so Shaun will be off to see Oz from that time.  We wish Shaun a safe journey.

Shaun is selling his chain saw hopefully before he departs.  Price is $350 ono and Shaun can be contacted on .

And on the lighter side during these times

P.S. Apologies for the formatting issues - I am still trying to learn how to drive this publishing program.  Tom

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