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Sorry for the small print in the last Newsletter.

I will get it right one day!

First off I couldn't resist passing this link on that was sent in by John. Who, by the way has started fitting the lights, now if only we had power to turn them on.

What do they do in the "MEN'S SHED"  ?


While we are talking about possible projects....

BBQ update

Gordon has the volunteers he needs to run the BBQ mentioned in the last newsletter, however one of those has indicated he may have to pull out so if you can want to be a backup volunteer don't be shy. We also have our signage to put out at any BBQ we attend, we have the banner and sandwhich board to announch we are there. A supprise announcement we also now have a set of official Men's Shed BBQ aprons for all those working at such events.

Despite the heat this week we have started to install the lights, and fit the toilet door and skirtings. Somehow the weed killer Mark used last year has started to work and all the weeds round the Shed seem to be dead or close to it. The fantastic insulation that was installed by our working bees is paying off and the Shed is comfortable to be in even on the hottest days.

Kevin is keen to start a regular Newsletter (I will still keep these notices going) but he has a good sense of humour and probably spells better than I do! So something to keep an eye out for. The current plan is to send the Newsletter out as a PDF file to the current subscription list fortnightly.

Niall from N & D Auto. Has written in to let us know Quote:

Just to let you know we have $225 in change collected from our customers as support for the shed. ($75 in coins). I plan to add another $500 to that from us personally so you can expect a check for $725. at the end of the month. UnQuote.

Thanks Niall, 

The support for our project/Shed never ceases to amaze me, speaking of which Gordon may be able to confirm some more donations for Shed fittings in the next week or so. I'm not sure where we would be without his contacts. I will be sure to let you all know when the confirmation is in.

The driveway has been approved by TAMS, but won't start work immediately as we are trying to get the work funded/carried out without tapping into Shed funding.

Working Bee's will continue as normal (Wednesdays and Saturdays 9 till lunch), although we are not working at full speed in this heat. But the chatting and planning never slows down. Which reminds me Jim brought a bell for smoko so there are no excuses for not stopping now (unless you never got started).

Keep some cash in your pockets as Gordon (yes him again) has our Men's Shed's shirts printed and will be bringing them in soon. 


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