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BBQ volunteers for Monday 2nd Feb

We originally had a full compelment of 4 volunteers for this event, so we accepted the gig, but now one has had to pull out and Dean and Gordon need to meet with Mary Porter and her friends at 11am on the same day, so we are now 3 short for the event. This will raise funds for our Shed.

Can you Help?

If so please either reply to this newsletter, or see Gordon on Saturday.

Details: It will be held on Monday 2 February at the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Centre, Yarramundi Reach.

You would need to be there from appox 11:30 to 2pm. We don't have to bring anything just turn up and run the BBQ.


Other Shed News.

The plumbing has been connected into the Shed, so we can now connected the sinks and toilet (the later being the most important I think).

Scott our electrical contractor has been busy putting in more wiring between the community centre and the Shed, and I ACTEW is supposed to be connecting the 3 phase power this week.

Seven of the shelving units have been erected which is starting to bulk out the shed and make it look like a shed rather than an big empty garage.

We have had several new members role up over the last two weeks.  So don't be shy keep promoting our Shed, the more members we have the more we can do.

The website is slowly being revised (sorry Paul I'm slowing you down a bit). Anyway we have included a Poll on the front page, so feel free to have your say on the Official Newsletter Title. We have decided to have a real newsletter (thanks Kevin) but want to call it more than a newsletter so we are looking for titles. The SandPaper seems to be popular right now.

We now have a computer all hooked up and ready to use with two printers, although the internet is not yet connected, but if we need that then I will tether my phone to get a connection.

All the kitchen cupboards are built and will be fixed in place soon (need to get the power and plumbing sorted first). So Bob's Kitchen is almost ready.

Our Men's Sheds shirts are printed but we are waiting on somewhere to securley store them in the shed before selling them.

Tenzin is flying home this week, and I would like to express my (and many others) thanks to him for his help. Especially getting under the community centre last week, that was no fun job. So THANK YOU TENZIN, have a good flight home.


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