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Shed as it stands

Planned Shed Opening  (yes its close)

OK, we are planning to open the shed late March, exact date to be confirmed based on the officials being able to attend.. Full announcement will be made shortly, or check the website.

Sorry the news has been slow but like everyone else the heat has slowed me down.

GOOD News:

This week has confirmed the Shed is water proof !, Yep no leaks.

There is now some signage round the shed to honour those who have dedicated efforts to the Shed so far, so come find :

  • Paul's Idea, - for those you not aware Paul was the person who first suggested the building of our Shed
  • Gordon's Dream, - I'm sure we are building our Shed in accordance with Gordon's dream shed
  • Bob's Kitchen, - Bob has quietly been building the kitchen cupboards (with some support)
  • John's Switch. - John has done all our electrical wiring and lighting, and his contribution is certainly appreciated.

There hasn't been a big response on the website to naming the new official newsletter, so get in and have your say. Right now its looking like it will be called "The SandPaper". If you have submissions/suggestions send them to Kevin at 

Once Kevin is up and running they will be sent out using this email address and system. My little bulletins will be just that and sent less frequently.

Other News

  • Plumbing is moving along, we now have a working sink in the toilet and the rest is not far off.
  • Power, John has done a great job on internal wiring, and now has all the lights wired, ACTEW have promised to connect power to the meter box this Wednesday. Fingers crossed.
  • Internet, the computer is in and working, cabling to the Community Centre has been upgrade, and we should soon have our wireless connection up and work.
  • Driveway, the design/build is all approved, but we are still waiting on an option to have TAMS pay for it rather than us.
  • Financial's: We have had a substantial donation to fund the Air-conditioner units and Gordon has started discussions on purchase and install.
  • Membership is continuing to grow and we seem to be getting a new member almost weekly now.  So if your holding off attending or joining now would be a good time to come along and do the deed.

Things we  need

With the Shed opening under way we still have to pave the front area round the door, so we are planning to have an all day working bee Saturday two weeks from now.

CLEAR your calendars we need you there!
If like me you can't pave there will other jobs that need doing, or you can take lessons from the other members that can.
Confirmation of date will be done shortly, we need to the supplies lined up first. WATCH THIS SPACE!!


We are also planning to move the climbing train from the Child care centre to start refurbishing that in the near future, we want it in the Shed on opening day for the press and guests to see.

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