Belconnen Community Men's Shed

Men helping men build a better community

Shed as it stands

Full day Working Bee Saturday 1st March.


We need more of you to be there, to help us plan the work load it would be great if you could RSVP to this email letting us know you are coming.  But just in case you forget to RSVP don't be scared to turn up and bolster the numbers.

Be there, come and help, we have pavers to lay, tools to sort, shelves to build, mulch to spread, soil to top up the gardens, white boards to update, furniture to move, and we need someone to ring the smoko and lunch bell. 

So there is no excuse I'm sure we can find you something to do no matter what your skill or health levels.

To encourage you to come see what is happening, I'm not going to show you any photos of the site, if you want to know come see for yourself. Who knows you might help a bit while your there taking the tour.

Having said that, what an effort this week, we had workers who just didn't want to go home.

  • A large area of the garden and side of the shed was levelled off with back fill. 7 trailer loads and we still need a couple more. Yes the man powered Bob Cat was flat out.
  • Back of the community centre was cleaned out and had weed mat and mulch laid
  • Back of the Shed and part of the side also had weed mat and mulch, more happening this week.
  • More shelving units were built and put in place.
  • The Kitchen sink was plumbed and now has running (cold) water
  • The metal lathe was relocated
  • The games table was fixed and stored out of the way in the loft (used to be called mezzanine, but the smoko club decided it should be renamed to something easier to remember and spell).
  • Most importantly the Toilet was plumbed. Yes we can now stop watering the weeds.
  • Just remember we don't have any paper yet.

There was an impromptu meeting at smoko on Saturday with the following:

Air-conditioners, dust extraction and filters, shade cloth for the BBQ and a quick outline of how the Shed opening will proceed.

Peter put his hand up to be storeman (responsible for the loft area).

Jeoff was volunteered (with his head nodding) to work out where best to store the tools we want to keep. ie near the machine they will be used with.



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