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Shed as it stands

First off,

Remember this Saturday (1st of March) All Day Working Bee

Achievements this week:

Seems we can't keep people out of the Shed (good thing) with the opening coming up fast (27 March for those with bad memories) everyone is putting in an extra effort.

  • A large amount of mulch has been spread around the Shed and community centre.
  • Overhead fans have been installed (and tested).
  • More storage shelfs have been built and put in place (you can never have enough storage).
  • The sorting of tool donations is underway Ian has worked out a system.
  • The Locks have been changed to a single key for all doors.
  • The CNC Router has been put in place and removed from the trolley.
  • Other stuff has been moved around and put away to tidy up the floor space.
  • The internet connection has been installed, the phone is almost there.
  • TV antenna has been erected.
  • White boards put in place.
  • Invitations to special guests for the Opening have been sent, flyers are being designed ready for letter box drops, so if you feel like walking the streets please talk to Mark this week.
  • Pavers for the Saturday working bee have been delivered (preparatory ground work is planned for today (Thursday).
  • More electrical wiring has been completed, we are getting closer to having our own power supply.

So what can we say but come help or come and see what is happening. Its great to see the number of people turning up to do either or both.

If you haven't been to the shed recently then now would be a good time to change that and become part of the team.


The following points were raised at the Shed meeting last weekend:


Invitation to Belconnen Community Services - Actioned - Dira Horne will attend

Invitation to Rev Howard Bennett - Baptist Community Services - Actioned - will attend.

Invitation to David Moyes - Actioned - No response as yet

Invitation to AMSA - Actioned - Melissa from the office has advised a rep will attend (probably her) - no further details as yet.

Invitation to Senators Seselja and Lundy - Actioned - No response.

Invitations to be made for donors - ready 25 Feb 14.

Article - still in draft - should be ready by COB 25 Feb 14.

Estimated attendance at the opening is approx 40.

Shed Tasks

    Stairs to loft - Gordon and Ric Small have in hand.

    Management of loft - Peter has agreed to manage.

    Property Management - Geoff has agreed to act as property manager.

    Sorting of tools for garage sale - Norrie has volunteered to act.

    Paving - Gordon

    Weed mat/mulch/soil - Peter/Kevin

    Dust Extraction - Under consideration - various

    Air Conditioning - Important but last on list at this stage


    Sail - Gordon 

    Design of flyers/handouts for advertising the open - Not filled (Marks wife has since           taken on the task).




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