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Shed as it stands

OK we are still on Schedule for the Grand Opening.

I will continue to remind during the week


Thursday 27th March at Midday.

Come early, if you have it wear your Men’s Shed shirt.

The guest list is growing and it’s great to see the community support growing.


So while Gordon has been away:

  • We have cleaned up the inside of the Shed, sorted more tools and storage space.
  • All power points are now operational (yes we have full power).
  • More gravel has been laid at the front between the pavers and where the driveway will be.
  • Trim has been installed in the Kitchen and Toilet, some has even been painted.
  • The cast iron Lathe has been assembled.
  • The BCS Train and cubby house has been brought in and is ready to start it’s refurbishment.
  • The CNC Router has been tested and proved working.
  • Pauls Scroll-Sawing group has increased, he now has three students.
  • The pile of Mulch has gone.
  • The printer/photo copier is in and working.
  • The fridge has arrived (so bring milk for your coffee).
  • The garden in the community centre (which will be under the sail) has all been tidied up and looks good.


  • We need to erect the Sail, the poles are all firmly cemented in place and never going to move without a backhoe to dig them up.
  • We need to test the BBQ,
  • We need to discuss the opening, and update people on other thing that have been happening in the background (funding, projects, people, donations, equip available to the Shed, and a possible wood supply). When and what volunteers we need to get the opening set, we need to pick up a marque the day before and set it up the morning before. Anyone up for letter box drops during the week?
  • Install the exhaust fan in the toilet (only job Gordon left us we didn’t complete).
  • Do things Gordon has forgotten to tell us about.

Still looking for a couple of copies of last week’s Chronicle with Gordon on the Front Page, so if you have one please bring it along.


Quick note for Gordon. You wanted to know what you could do with lots of old screw drivers, well I have solution for old spanners, still working on screw drivers though.


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