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Shed as it stands

The train!

We have been approved to spend some money on the refurbishment of the kids playground train and cubby house. So Allen is off to get some paint this week.

Hopefully we should be able to restart work on it soon.
However we will still be looking for replacement bolt caps (whatever they are called) so if you know of any suppliers please check them out.

While looking for images for this week's letter I stumbled across this site, which has exactly the same train engine but with some carriages attached. Anyone want to build some more bits?

I know I told you the air-conditioners were being installed in the last newsletter, well I was 90% right, it wasn't until I hit the publish button for that newsletter that I discovered the electrical circuit breaker still need to connected. By all accounts it's a quick simple job but we have to get Scott back to do the job.  It's not really cold yet so no panic!

Mark has been getting a collection of emails from various organisations for distribution, so rather than include them in full, I will give you a quick one liner and a link to the rest of the email which will be stored on our website. These links should remain active for approximately one month depending on the content. To see all current notices go HERE:


  • There is a new booklet from Arthritis Australia, which contains hints and tips on keeping your joints moving. Read the full email and get the link to the booklet HERE:
  • JB HIFI, are offering you a chance to win a $500 in store voucher. They are looking for Men between 50 and 65 to complete an online survey, about what they do with their time. More info HERE:
  • Rehabilitation exercise program. This is a program being run by an Exercise Physiologist working for NJF Veterans Exercise Program. The program is available to ex-services people and those who have White/Gold health care cards. More info HERE:

Saturday, saw a fantastic turn out for the Shed and there were people everywhere doing things like:
  • Cleaning, fixing tools,
  • Working out how much paint we need for the train,
  • Making a shelf for the printer,
  • Scroll sawing, no not just Paul and Ravi, others were interested too,
  • Lots of talking,
  • Several visitors including friends and family of members, along with some ring in's from the birthday party being held in the community centre next door. So don't keep us a secret bring someone along to check it out, they don't have join on the day.
  • I'm sure there were some other things going on in the background that I just didn't get round to checking out.

So come along join the organised chaos, make some more chaos, or try and sort it all out.

Remember we now have tea and coffee in the Shed so you don't have to bring your own, just a gold coin donation in the ammo tin.

We are still looking to fill the positions for:

Saftey Member, and

BBQ organiser

if anyone is interested email Mark


Now for something mind blowing


Anyone up to doing some of this? (making Christmas Trees)

If so we had better find you some sharp chisels!



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