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Bunnings Father’s Day BBQ

It’s happening this Thursday. For those that don’t know we have been asked if we could supply the cooks for a BBQ at Bunnings, where they supply everything and we get a donation. This is not the normal out the front job, I believe it more for the staff and family.

BBQ Breakfast.

So while on the subject of BBQ’s. Gordon has arranged for a Butcher from Young to come in with a Lamb carcass or two and cut them up in the Shed while talking about his life story. His work will then be BBQ’d for Breakfast. Cost will be $10 and it starts EARLY (8am) and will be limited to 50 people. If you want to go Gordon is taking bookings, he has a book at the Shed or if you can’t get there email him. Here is his flyer for the event.

We are still looking for someone to organise monthly BBQ’s out the front of Bunnings, don’t be shy speak up and help the Shed raise some cash.

Metal work area.


Yes its under way, building of the metal work bench is well and truly under way, and we are now looking at plans to rearrange tool storage to split wood tools from metal tools.

CNC Update.

Frank gave us a demo on the CNC machine this Wednesday, and it has sparked interest in several people. I will be putting up some YouTube videos on the TV over the next few weeks to inspire and explain more. Once I have got a few more bits delivered I will try and do some simple stuff. As Frank advised this isn’t the easy or quick way to cut things out, it takes as much work on the PC as it does in traditional carving, but the advantage is it is repeatable.


Now we have had the AGM there were several things of note to mention, and the minutes of the meeting will be published shortly on the website. I will include them here once they are ready.


      1.       It was decided that membership is now an annual thing with membership running in line with the FY. So MEMBERSHIP FEES FOR FY 2014-2015 ARE NOW DUE.


        Please see Dean with your open wallets (he doesn’t take moths!!!).


      2.       While in the Shed please wear your name tags, we are starting to get a good size crowd on Wednesday s and we are all having trouble remembering who is who. If you haven’t got one ask and you will get it if we can remember who you are.

      3.       The first aid kit and Defibrillator have been delivered and Dean will arrange training soon.

      4.       Hearing and eye protection have started appearing in the Shed so please use it. One suggestion was if you are going to make noise warn others by yelling NOISE just before you start, or if you are doing something where others may need eye protection yell EYES. Then if you hear that you know what to do. STICK YOUR FINGERS IN YOUR EARS AND SING DING ALING A LOO!.

      5.       Projects and who is running them will be listed on the white board, so everyone knows what is going on and who to see about. I will be working to duplicate this on the website soon.

      6.       SAFTEY. Geoff has produced a safety test that everyone must complete, this is not a big or hard test will take most of you that don’t want to argue points 5 or 6 minutes. We as Shedders need to start thinking safety a lot more than we are, there have been several minor incidents recently and all of these could have easily been avoided with a bit of common sense or thought.


We (the Shed) were asked if we could help out the ASMA with manning their stand at the show, but there seems to have been some confusion and it appears none of our volunteers were put on the rooster. We will still try and put some handouts on the stand but will not be there as ASMA Representatives.


Some images from John, who thought they may entertain some of you.


The artist who did this has made delightfully cute and laughable

pieces of art from some simple & every day household objects.


 artist turns inanimate objects into characters



And one from me.


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