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Shed as it stands

Anyone good with image design?

Looking for someone to help or design a logo for the Shed. I've been playing around with a few ideas but they all look pretty bad. So if anyone wants to have a go please feel free and submit your logos by email or hand to Howie. I can scan hand drawn ones, even tidy them up a bit if needed.


Just a reminder

The bench is still up for sale. Offers close midnight of the 31st. As yet we don't have any bids. If that remains the case then it will be advertised for sale on Gumtree.

Vacuum System update

Design and pricing for the vacuum system are on the way. Gordon had a supplier in this week. Once we confirm the order we can expect the ducting to be delivered about 2 weeks later. We have elected to install the system ourselfs, so if your into that sort of thing there is work for you soon. Now that the slab for the vacuum shed has been layed, the current push is to build the Shed to house it.

Shed builders, electricians, duct installers and labourers see Gordon, I'm sure he will be able to use you all.  


On a seperate note: Don't forget to drop in every now and then, even if you can't make regular visits. We often have stuff up for grabs. Over the last couple of months (not now) we have had Sandpaper, wood, Kitchen cupboard doors and some tools all donated that were up for grabs (grabbing involves a donation to the Sheds funds). We don't advertise them here, but if your at the Shed your sure to find out whats is up for grabs.


BCMS now open 3 mornings a week (check the website for times)


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